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Verb: (To Charile-Brown) a way to express talking (usually done in a manner to discipline) that is similar to the adults on the cartoon series Charlie Brown (ie. the whomp whomp whomp the teachers use to talk to Charlie Brown) When you are charlie-browned it's usually things you DON'T wanna hear (or have heard before) and it annoys you.
When I got back from the party Mom started charlie-browning me. I hear the same story all the time and having her repeat it over and over again is like listening to a recording.
by K. Taylor September 15, 2006
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It is the alternative way of saying that you got Cock Blocked around a group of people. It used to inform a friend that he is cock blocking you when he doesn't even notice it. It's the negative result of a wing man.
Yo, what the hell are you still doing her?

friend, I'm showing Amanda how to do a card trick

Damn man, stop charlie browning me. Can't you see she's in my room!

cock block cock blocked wing man charlie browned charlie brown
by OmegaL December 11, 2009
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