A childish and immature way of saying "chapter". Mainly used in the context of fanfiction.
Author: Can't wait to write the next chappie!
by frabrizio June 13, 2018
A pair of assless chaps, usually bought by a woman with numbi-notes.
My GF didn't just buy some chappies, because she's not a slut. numbi-notes
by Merlin Webber December 7, 2009
the creator of Chappibags incorperated. Well known in the N.W.C. his bags are originally created from duct tape. around the time of his chappi dubbing. "Chiggi" was soon to follow.
yo, my man chigg can hook you up with a twisted sick chappibag.
by chappibagz July 21, 2009
To have the outcome of a taped broadcast revealed prior to viewing.
I was going to tape American Idol and watch it over the weekend, but I knew I would get chappied at work in the morning, so I just checked online to see who got kicked off.
by Hawaii 5-0-0 March 30, 2009
When Something is disliked. i.e. people, things , experiences etc.
Zam: Yo oli them crisps are going to give you chappy breath.
James: yh your breath is chappy anyway
oli: Shutup bruv

Example 2 :
James: yo look at that guy hes got some chappy shoes.
Zam: yh eugh bruv
by zamanur June 23, 2011
The state of being chubby yet happy: Chappy. Being in close proximity to family and pizza.
I’m a Chappy person. Yesterday was a Chappy day for me.
by Caro Tejada July 31, 2019
The bunny character from Bleach that Rukia is obsessed with.
Rukia: I couldn't choose the design because it was a supply from my superiors! Of course I wanted the most popular one, Chappy the rabbit!

by NinjaBunniesHya July 19, 2009