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dry, cracked lips (licking makes things worse)
A friend told me that cow manure cured chapped lips. It didn't. But it did stop me from licking them.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
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A pedophile who meets young girls on myspace and then asks them to hang out. Once she agrees, he picks her up but refuses to take her anywhere. He then will park on the side of the road and seduce her. Slowly lies start to unsurface after his supposed virginity is taken. He will then beat her vagina with a sledge hammer. Only to leave her with the simple words that HE wants to JUST BE FRIENDS.
C: Chapped lips hurt my vagina.
M: That stupid bastard.
C: Yeah, and I told him and he said "i don't know what to say"..I'll tell you what you should say, APOLOGIZE FOR BEATING MY VAGINA TO A BLOODY PULP YOU SICK BASTARD!
by Christa and Matthew February 05, 2008
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When a female wheres a skirt outside in winter. This will cause unwanted swelling in the Cunt area due to low temperatures.
Wow Shaniqua why are you wearing a skirt, your gonna get some major chapped lips!
by Goose September 29, 2004
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