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Chaplin turns 100 years old July 2012 and they are planning a big party ! It is a small, prairie village 1/2 way between Moose Jaw and Swift Current Saskatchewan, on the Trans Canada Hwy #1. It has one School, one Bar, one Store, one Swimming Pool, one Jerk, one Hockey Rink, one Curling Rink, one (Corner) Gas Station, one dog, one Financial Institution, one Library, one Rec Center, one Drunk, one Pool Hall, one Hairdresser, one Brine Shrimp Plant and One Sodium Sulphate Plant. Chaplin really is a One Horse Town.

Oh yeah; it has 2 farmers !
Typical Grad classes range from 2 students to 12 (in a good year !). The Sodium Sulphate Plant (salt) keeps the town going as the largest employer (don't know how many are employed their but about half of them work !). On a windy day, it sometimes looks like it's snowing. Chaplin is also home to Chaplin Brine Shrimp (fish food). On that same windy day, you can smell something fishy ! It is also a big farming community that has seen several farms passed down from generation to generation.
by Charlie Chaplin II February 01, 2012
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