Chanson is distinguished from the rest of French "pop" music by following the rhythm of the French language, rather than that of English, and thus is identifiable as specifically French.
In France today, "chanson" often refers to the work of more popular singers like Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, Édith Piaf, Barbara, Léo Ferré, etc.
by kerouacid April 11, 2009
Chanson means Songs of Love
Josef w/an F: Yo, Yo...What it do?

Chanse: Just learning some new chansons on my flute.
by Vansef April 6, 2006
Chanson is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has curly hair and lovely eyes. It seems like she’s the perfect girl and everyone loves her even though she has a wild personality. Chanson always has the best outfits and is definitely the life of the party. Considering her sweet demeanor and feminine charm, she’s definitely the type of girl you’d want to marry.
Chad: “Wow, did you see Chanson? She got even hotter.”
Bryan: “For sure man. I wish she didn’t already have a boyfriend. She’s wifey for sure.”
by Canun November 24, 2021