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The greatest guy in the world. But he's mine! (Sarah's)
I love Chanse
by sarah March 21, 2004
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He's pretty much the sweetest guy in the world. He'll listen to your problems, and act like he really cares, even about the smallest, most stupid things. He thinks he's really cool, but he's really just a short sweetheart.
He's also probably gay so be aware. Haha.
The perfect husband, Chanse.
by Don'tLetMeFall August 07, 2012
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he's funny cant spell realty charming Nice and wierd and really comonon to aruge with u and he's cute and has a large penis
give him a chanse
by sraya December 23, 2016
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If you have this name you've suffered a lot of heart ache. You have depression. You have anxiety and you are realizing slowly that your life will never be the same as it was when you were younger. There is a upside. If this is your name you have a S instead of a C for a reason. You're super. You're special. You're a super badass that will take the world by storm one day. Lean on your loved ones and cherish those who mean most to you. You will make it through the storm. (In the darkest of nights you can be the brightest of lights)
Chanse, if you're out there, you're loved.
by YungYarb August 03, 2017
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