2 definitions by Troop 129

chinese gangsta that is a member of a boy scout troop and believes it is gangsta to be a boy scout. He would like to hook up with non gangsta girl scouts.
"That kid with the boy scout shirt hanging around his neck is such a changsta!"
by Troop 129 May 29, 2005
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When you're camping and you need to pee but there isnt any actual toilets so you must squat in the woods.
Katie: OMG i have to pee soooo bad but i dont know if i should go in the lake or the bushes

Jess and Kellie (singing to the tune of row row row your boat): Katie has to pee, but cant make up her mind! she had better pop a squat, or we'll leave her behind!
by Troop 129 August 11, 2005
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