a girl who knows who she is and won't change for anyone or anything. has a gift for photography but can't draw worth crap. has an awesome sense of fashion and can pull off any look, even if she thinks she can't. can be super sweet but a bitch when she needs to be, especially when people are fake. has a super loud, contagious laugh. has a lot of friends but only considers a few close. super gorgeous about her looks but doesn't need to be. all around a joy to be with :)
that girl is a chaney.
by babygurllll December 13, 2010
Street definition for a complete turd.
God Simon is a total Chaney!
by andrew howard October 14, 2005
Someone who is very pretty and nice. they are also outrageously hot and sexy. Chaneys usually also have very large breasts.
Wow, there goes a chaney!
by johnny deer April 5, 2010
The most badass mother fucker around. The Chaney smashes through weak minded fools on a daily basis and keeps it real at all times of the day. If you refuse to do what's right The Chaney will choose to fight.
Oh Fuck! It's The Chaney!
by Ironmind November 3, 2007
Chaneys are so nice. Chaney loves basketball and softball. She is the best person in the world! If you are in a group with a chaney dont ingore her. She always has something nice to say and chaneys kill you with there jokes! Normally chaneys have blond hair and brown eyes. But that doesnt change who they are. It is so rare to see a chaney. After I met her I became one of her friends. She accepts everybody. But sont get on her bad side!
Friend: who is that she is so hilarious

Me: oh that has to be a chaney!
by Sticks4life! May 2, 2019
Adj: Screwing something up while intoxicated and attempting to fight your way out of it even though the attempt will fail. A path of destruction follows.

The levels of intoxication must be extraordinary and the intelligence must be low. Only the act of the "chaney" can be determined post hangover by observers, the Chaney has no idea he or she has committed the chaney or chaneyed it.
John: I had a great time last night, what happened?
Jim: The night was amazing! You had a for sure deal, Chaneyed it, and ended up with your dick in your hand!
by Jim Stucko Knuckles January 1, 2011
Short and looks like a clown and does dance
There is Chaney
by Kdog721 March 18, 2017