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outgoing and very knowledgeable. is very hyper and funny, but sometimes acts clueless.
chancey is soo ... idk
by abby January 17, 2004
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Mainly used in Ireland – used to describe one's propensity to make out with/shift/score romantic interests.

Means slutty in a Catholic way.
Hayley: OMG, Zack like totally scored my whole Spanish class
Julia: He is SOOOO chancey.

John: Look at that girl over there in the short skirt and low cut top
Paul: Yeah, she is real chancey – scored me and my friend on the same night.

Jessup: 'I am not chancey'
Chickentits: 'You are, you head locked me and tried to make me score you.'
by Dr Queeralp March 23, 2011
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Chancey is a person with a big dick in always get girls also smart in cute chancey is a person that sometimes act dumb in a funny person bye the chancey like pussy
Chancey is amazing 😉 two be with he love people
by Chancey March 13, 2017
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The name of every old man who exists. FACT!
Crimson: Hey Brad what's you're grandpa called?
Brad: Chancey, why did you ask?
Crimson: CHANCEY? Mine's called that as well.
Passer by: Did you guys just say your grandpa's are called Chancey? Becuase mine is too!
Passer by 2: Hey mine too!
Passey by 3: Yeah me three, mine grandpa is called Chancey!
Brad: Woah that's crazy, maybe ever old man is called Chancey?
Professor Logan: Hello boys and girls, yes every old man is called Chancey, I'm seventy four and guess what? My name's Vince.
by Antichris II February 08, 2007
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