A smart nice person with a sense of humor and is really funny and will always keep you laughing
Man Jessup is a great person
by Smartjim44 August 17, 2019
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1. (n.)
A town in North Eastern Pensylvania (NEPA)-- near Scranton, Carbondale, and relatively close to Wilkes Barre.

A town where the people get creepily involved with 'holidays' that involve getting sloshed and carrying weird-looking statues of saints that nobody's heard of up and down hills.
The only other place in the world to hold SAINT UBALDO DAY aside from Gubbio, Italy.

A town where nobody uses proper grammar, and everyone talks like they're retarded.
1. "Lets go to da Jessup ta pick up dem der Ubaldo Statues."
by AmazinglySexy December 4, 2006
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if you look up sexy in the dictionary and blink 3 times, the word connor jessup will appear.
by connorjessupfan November 15, 2013
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The blowjob a man receives from his female boss.

"There is nothing on this earth sexier, believe me, gentlemen, than a woman you have to salute in the morning. Promote 'em all, I say, 'cause this is true: if you haven't gotten a blowjob from a superior officer, well, you're just letting the best in life pass you by." - Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. A Few Good Men.

P: J, I need you to stay late this evening.
J: Is the budget due tomorrow?
P: Yes, and if we get everything knocked out quickly, we'll wrap things up with a Colonel Jessup.
Mike did not want to admit to his co-workers, nor his wife that sometimes his business trips included a night cap and a Colonel Jessup.
by HolsingerTX September 6, 2014
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A dog, most likely a Basset Hound of great age, that lives on the family farm and is surrounded by a vast history of shinnanigans and adventures about which many stories are told. As customary, when recounting a story about Old Jessup, one must talk in a heavy southern drawl.
Old Jessup was born right under that there oak tree down by the crick, shore seemed like yesterday he was rousin' about the chicken coop hasin hisself a free meal.
by Bubba D-Chi Gordon November 22, 2010
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Someone who’s in everyone’s business, wants to know all the gossip. Basically a sticky nose
Omg she’s such a Mrs. Jessup”
by randyboi November 13, 2022
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