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1. A celebration of flavors served in a flute, wine glass or that old mason jar that happens to be the last glass clean. The perfect ending and the perfect beginning to any day.

2. A hangover free reason why girls are dancing on ping pong tables to a playlist that goes from Matisyahu to Jason Aldean then to 2pac.

3. Pink perfection that can be as classy or as cheap as you so desire.
"What have those two ladies been drinking that has made them so happy and fun to be around?"
"I do believe it is a Cham Cham"
by lea-tard August 22, 2011

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A person who makes a stellar leader...can be a disaster 24/7 but pull off any task given to them. Makes things ten times harder than they need to be but handles business. Can laugh off and make look good falling down a flight of stairs, rear ending people regularly and over all making a fool of themselves.
A hotmess will continue to make a million mistakes but can always persevere with a smile on their face.
by lea-tard August 15, 2011

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