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The word chaerin means bright, shining, and sincere. Your first name of Chaerin gives you a responsible, systematic, and practical nature, able to excel in technical fields or as a teacher and you would also enjoy the practical arts.You appreciate home and settled conditions and take on a lot of responsibility to ensure that your home life functions efficiently.
Hey, It's Chaerin!
by byy9987 September 30, 2016
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Chaerin has such a fun and energetic personality. She is absolutely stunning and amazing with EVERYTHING. Everyone loves seeing her and immediately gets happy when they do. She comes in with a bright smile, ready to greet everyone anywhere. She also gets invited to all the parties because parties are all boring without her. She is a great person to talk to and will always give you the best compliments and advices.
by babygirl246 March 02, 2019
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