Ch00bs are FAR worse than n00bs, and when you spot one, you are to immediately snipe it, point-blank, on site.
Random Kagome Clone: Omg u all lets RP!?!!?!!11!!!!!
Leiko (That would be moi...): ...
DigitalKid2009: omg u all r fags rollplaing id gay just lyk ur mom hu i f**ked last nyt.
Leiko: Why the fuck am I in here, all these goddamn ch00bs...
by Leiko October 02, 2004
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a korean corruption of the word n00b. originated on Starcraft, and probably WC3, too. another variation is ch0b0.
me gosu, you ch0b0. gee gee s0n
by pwnt June 28, 2003
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cross between a h4x0r and a n00b

ch00bs are people who know a lot about lame things like rping, scripts and l33t. But who possess no skills in any of these.

Associated with japanese for chibi meaning child. Except japanese sux.
rofl hahaha ch00b, u spend 36 hours a day playing runescape, u r teh lame
by 0_owaffleo_0 June 24, 2003
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Yes, I quite whole heartedly agree with Leiko. Ch00bs are far worse than n00bs. And n00bs themselves are annoying, so think of how bad ch00bs must be. So, therefore, they should all be sniped on immediate of one.
Darklyte425: omg! Whot r u all dooin? you all SUK!!!!!!111!!!@!1
Satu (Yes, that's me): Leiko? Shall we have Billy snipe this ch00b?
Leiko: Yes, we shall.
by Satu October 03, 2004
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