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Satu (Finnish) is a creative person. Since "satu" is Finnish for "fairy tale" you could expect your daughter to be a brilliant writer if you name her Satu. And what a princess every Satu turns out to be, even though they tend to have some coldness in them. Although a Satu is a very social person, she needs time of her own to disappear in the rabbitholes of fiction. A true escapist, hopeless dreamer. And isn't a Satu just dreamy?
Person A: She is just so dreamy and unreal.

Person B: Isn't she just so Satu?
by deerheart November 30, 2011
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Friend to Leiko another Definition maker here.
Satu: Phwee! Kouga is my bitch!
Leiko: ...oh deluded one...
by Leiko October 07, 2004
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A adjective to describe one of the coolest kid's around, It is a word that canno't be used by bianca.
1. Justin... what a satus!

2.Wow, wasn't Lee a satus?
by Coolguy1234563214215 December 17, 2009
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