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A girl that like to be herself ex. on differet days she might wake up in the morning with different moods, depending on thoes moods she will dress the way she feels and do every thing that day as she feels. She likes to have fun and she is a very colourfull person. Theas people usaly have long hair and like it to be messy (like all over the place not meaning not combed or brushed)and dont do anything with their hair like bangs or layers.
-wears converse shoes or fake converse.
-long hair.
-very natural.
-dress very comfy.
-love musical instuments.
-always have a different style.

yesterday you wore jeans and a tee and today your dressing in a skirt and a sweater??

yeah im centary im always different.
by Thalia Lepage February 17, 2006
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