Wrestling fan who Idolizes The John Cena(See Crappy Wrestler for more info on him). John Cena Fans Usually consist of Teenage girls and Small Children ( Which Make Up most the The Wrestling Mark Community). Most Cena Fans Like him for his Body not His In Ring Ability ( which is non Existent). Cena Fans Are highly Disliked By the Smart Mark Community. Most see Total Non Action wreslting (TNA) haters as Cena Fans
John Cena Fan: OMG guys I love John Cena He is Sooo Hawt!

Smart Mark: No one Bother With Her Shes a John Cena Fan.
by The Jester Bitch April 04, 2008
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A over rated, underachieving white rapper. His charisma is very entertaining, but I've seen more wrestling talent in a retirement home, although to be fair, he has improved in a few of his matches. Known for turning the titles he holds into hidious spinning sideshows, the likes of which were only formally found in cereal packets. Has the ability to produce a total of 6-7 moves in a typical match and his finisher is pathetic. John Cena lost the title to Edge at New Years Revolution, and will probably win it back at the Royal Rumble....because Vince McMahon can't take the hint that when 3/4's of the audience are booing Cena's arse outta the arena, they aren't doing it to be nice.
John Cena: 'THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!'
Audience: Oh yeah...so where's your title dumbass?'

Cena: 'Those who hate me...well, they can just kiss my ass'
*90% of the arena get on their knees and pucker up*
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006
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John Cena is a current WWE superstar. He reappeared at 2008's Royal Rumble as entrant 30, and won. Despite his history of sex offense, domestic abuse, drug use, and peeping tom-ism, he remains ontop of his game. He defeats opponents with butt sex until they submit.
John Cena vs. The Great Khali vs. Hornswoggle, I can't wait.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 03, 2008
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An abomination of a human being. Played the demon in Exorcist and has been pursuing a career in wrestling and cant hack it. Always moaning about numerous injuries and getting his ass wooped in the arena. Should quit while he's ahead.
Did you see John Cena in the Exorcist?
by samuk123 June 27, 2009
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The reason WWE sucks right now.
Vince McMahon be kissing his ass but he doesn't care about others.
John Cena is for kiddies.
by PeterRDGriffin September 26, 2009
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A dumbass wannabe marine who has made the WWE championship belt look like a toy with a spinning WWE logo in the center that hypnotizes the young fans and girls into liking him. Hes suppose to be the fan favorite and the biggest face in the WWE but gets booed by the majority of WWE fans(men)and is only loved by kids 8-16 and females(mostly fat, ugly, and slutty).
wrestling fan: How is John Cena the best?

female: cuz hes liek soooo HAWT!!!!

kid: cuz hes th best lolz!!!11

by Ivan. June 25, 2007
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A below average wrestler that now compete on RAW. He is the current WWE champ. His wrestling ability is very crappy, and his gimmick is even worse. He also has one of the worst finisher ever, the F-U. The move is nothing more than a fireman's carry into a body slam. It doesn't make since why it would hurt at all. Cena was the reason SD! sucked so bad for so long. Thank god Benoit is there now. Cena turns away viewers. If it wasn't for the rest of the people on RAW roster, RAW would be in very low ratings right now. Simply put, Cena sucks.
Person 1: Cena is the shit! Wordlife!
Person 2: Only marks and women ike Cena. Quit being a mark.
by Cena Sucks June 14, 2005
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