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Despite recent usage by popular wrestler John Cena, wordlife was originally used by the Wutang Clan in the beginning of "7th Chamber" of their album 36 Chambers.

Effectively meaning "word on my life," the word indicates a profound acknowledgment and grasp of a deep and inarguable truth that one believes in wholeheartedly.

The word may soon be the title of an upcoming Wutang Clan movie.
"Dis pizza's damn good."
by epinephrin May 28, 2006
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Originally originating as latino slang in the 80's to mean "I swear to you on my life what I tell you is true." It eventually was picked up by rappers in the early 90s to mean "I promise." Eventually the all rappers were using it but it wasn't the "in" slang until E-40 used it every other word (in his everyday speach). Eventually it was hear on the movie "Big Money Hustlas" starring ICP and Twiztid where Big Stank (Jamie Madrox) and Lil' Poot (Monoxide) would spout it as there catch phrase. After seeing this movie John Cena decided to use it as his own catch phrase.
Big Stank: It says in Issaiah an shit that they put that dude up on the cross
Lil: poot: WORD LIFE!! SON!!
Big stank: and he was wait till I get down from this mother fucker I'm gonna FUCK me somebody up!
Lil' Poot: It's all skrait
Big Stank: Word Life son!!
by Basic Thug January 07, 2004
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you mean what you said. it also means that whatever comes out of your (and john cena's :)...)mouth is what's true to yourself and you ain't lying about it, and people can't change you and what you just said. usually connected with untouchable.
blah blah blah. word life.
by denice December 26, 2003
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You keep your promise whatava heppuns
Phat sick! I will take you back to yo mama after i fuck you up! -Word life
by MC Roy February 25, 2004
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A statement of emphatic, enthusiastic agreement; an enthusiastic way of saying "yes."
"I love that movie."
"Word life."

"I'm starving. You wanna get some eats?"
"Word life."
by Ant D October 16, 2006
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One of the best pieces of slang to ever originate out of YSHS. At first there was a small dispute over whether the term should be worded word-life or life-word. But soon enough all controversy was handled and now the word(life) shall exist forever.

Skeletor: WORDLIFE!!!!
by f1yy February 27, 2011
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it means bein real to your background,your roots and your true talent..
it means reppin' where ur from and bein a tru Thug!

all Hail John Cena,the Doctor of Thuganomics!
"im reppin' Toronto,putt-in it on the map,its the worlds greatest city,all the others are crap!" -Word-Life!
by soaresboy January 06, 2004
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