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A over rated, underachieving white rapper. His charisma is very entertaining, but I've seen more wrestling talent in a retirement home, although to be fair, he has improved in a few of his matches. Known for turning the titles he holds into hidious spinning sideshows, the likes of which were only formally found in cereal packets. Has the ability to produce a total of 6-7 moves in a typical match and his finisher is pathetic. John Cena lost the title to Edge at New Years Revolution, and will probably win it back at the Royal Rumble....because Vince McMahon can't take the hint that when 3/4's of the audience are booing Cena's arse outta the arena, they aren't doing it to be nice.
John Cena: 'THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!'
Audience: Oh yeah...so where's your title dumbass?'

Cena: 'Those who hate me...well, they can just kiss my ass'
*90% of the arena get on their knees and pucker up*
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006

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An overrated performer. Someone who defeats the greatest in the business by sitting on their face. A metal hip replacement, which should have gave him the hint that his wrestling career was over 70 years ago, instead caused us to put up with him hobbling down to the ring every year for Wrestlemania. Known for his comebacks when he runs out of money to wipe his arse with. I have no beef with Hogan or his 'acomplishments'...but i just wish he would give it a rest.
Hulk Hogan: 'Watcha gonna do Brother, when when my huge flabby man breasts run wild on you?!'

HBK (mimicking Hogan): 'right now, I feel like I'm a hundred and two brother!'
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006

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Batista is the former World Heavyweight champion. Injury caused him to vacate the title in January. Used to be terrible in the ring, but has improved somewhat. His mike skills need a bit of work, but some of his backstage promos (Involving Eddie Guerrero and more recently, Melina) were comedy gold. Former member of Evolution, and HHH's lackey, Batista beat Trips at Wrestlemania, in what can be considered one of the crappest matches on the card. Worked much better on Smackdown, but has always been plagued with injuries.The only thing I despise about him is that ridiculous 'Hulk Hogan' style 'Hulking up'thing he does, grasping the ropes and tearing them off the turnbuckles. I mean...why?
'This HORSE Batista!!'-J.R

'Yeah...I'm feeling good and ready to go! *hears a tear* Holy crap! My Quads torn again! And my back!--Batista
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006

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