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pronounced 'kay-lee' not 'sea-lid' get it right.
it's a girls name, mostly used in scotland or ireland.
If you live somewhere other than those 2 places and you're named this either your parents hate you, your family's heavily scottish/irish, or your parents were trying to be 'unique'.
If you fit any of the above and you are looking to name your child ceilidh please note, your child will be nicknamed 'sea-lid' all her school years and it will not be fun. Trust me.
So go name your kid something better than this, like alex. Thats a nice name, and easy to say.
when a dimwitted sub calls my name in class:
Sub: "um, i dont know how to pronounce this..."
(me already knowing what name shes trying to say from experience)
Me: it's pronounced kaylee.
sub: "is its kaylid? sealidauh?"
me: "no its kaylee."
sub: "thats not how its spelt, are you sure...?"
me: "i think i would know i have had my name for 14 years thank you very much."
by not sea-lid okay October 07, 2012
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Ceilidh (kay-lee) is the Scotch Gaelic word for a "visit" -a party or celebration. The Irish Gaelic spelling variation is "ceili." The party involves dancing, music, drink and food... and usually that nasty haggis.
I'm going to preform the sword dance at the ceilidh.
by Ceilidh B. May 05, 2006
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Ceilidh is the word used (as a name) for one of the most interesting and enjoyable people in the world. Origionally used to describe a party, now used to describe a person that makes you feel like you are partying all the time. Ceilidh is the best person a man could strive to be with...ever! Who doesn't want to feel like they are part of a party each day?
Wow, that was one hell of a Ceilidh! Ceilidh's, nothing but god times!
by skylar p February 14, 2009
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pronounced 'kay-lay', its pretty much a scottish folk dancing party where every one joins in in a kind of orchestrated dance and has muchos fun!
the expresssion 'to get ceilidh'(kayleyed) meaning to get very drunk could possibly come from all the drunken frivolity that takes place in these mad scottish parties of the same name.

och aye jimmy...see yoo at the cielidh on saturday.
man that party was bangin..i got totally ceilidh!
by viccichick December 12, 2005
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Kinda short, but very awesome. Also is likely to be the first person to commit murder with a juice box.
"Man, that girl is such a Ceilidh"
by Dopey McDinosaur January 08, 2010
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Ceilidh (Kay-lee) means Scottish folk dance. She is also a slut who will fuck your man. She is the worst person you will ever meet and if you cross their path, get rid of her. She is so ugly even the silence tried to forget her.
OMG! Ceilidh totally just fucked my boyfriend!
by Harmony the boss June 30, 2014
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