a man with absolutely no ass. nothing. the shape of a cereal box.
“Have you seen cbj’s ass?”
“I haven’t either.”
by cbjsbiggestfan November 4, 2022
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a bj only complimentary.
a no strings attached blow job, no reciprocation necessary; a free, no fee involved act of fellatio.
On Father's Day I requested a "cbj".
by JMarti July 11, 2008
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You are a CBJ!!!!!!!!
by VF February 20, 2005
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This is the synonym of Roadhead.
It is a CAR BLOW JOB! :P
She gave my a cbj while driving my mustang
by staikos February 29, 2008
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Covered blow job, i.e. fellatio with a condom

A CBJ was all I could talk Hillary into doing.
by The Sixth Beatle October 15, 2005
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