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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Covered blow job, i.e. fellatio with a condom

A CBJ was all I could talk Hillary into doing.
by The Sixth Beatle October 15, 2005
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a sexy gang with snowboarders, bmxers, chillers, and other hot people

Christ Blow Job

Cock Block Jesus
yo im hangin with mt crew cbj later.
by wetdickallnight August 11, 2009
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a bj only complimentary.
a no strings attached blow job, no reciprocation necessary; a free, no fee involved act of fellatio.
On Father's Day I requested a "cbj".
by JMarti July 10, 2008
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Courtesy Blow Job:
To get a blow job without returning the favor, it's like masterbating with a partner.
Hey babe, I'm horny and just want to blow my wad, how bout a CBJ? or

I took out the trash when you asked, can I get a CBJ now?
by Hot CBJ Milf July 10, 2008
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An acronym for Complimentary Blow Job. Received as compensation for lack-luster service provided by a waitress at a restaurant. The Cbj may be used as amends for sub par table service or as a means for an attractive waitress to garner additional tip.
"Excuse me ma'am may I speak to your manager. I would like to inquire about a potential cbj"
by Siphonic January 01, 2014
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