Courtesy Blow Job:
To get a blow job without returning the favor, it's like masterbating with a partner.
Hey babe, I'm horny and just want to blow my wad, how bout a CBJ? or

I took out the trash when you asked, can I get a CBJ now?
by Hot CBJ Milf July 11, 2008
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An acronym for Complimentary Blow Job. Received as compensation for lack-luster service provided by a waitress at a restaurant. The Cbj may be used as amends for sub par table service or as a means for an attractive waitress to garner additional tip.
"Excuse me ma'am may I speak to your manager. I would like to inquire about a potential cbj"
by Siphonic January 1, 2014
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Consolation blow job. When coitus is just out of the question.
You're not really awesome en9ugh for sex, how bout a CBJ?
by Mayham B October 2, 2014
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Acronym - Cheap Blow Jobs, which is also a long-held tradition provided by the players of an American Hockey Franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets
“Yo look at that hockey player, he definitely has CBJ eyes
by MUglialoro April 13, 2019
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Canadian Blow Job -

Oral sex after the giver has had something frozen in their mouth.
"I got a CBJ at the fair."

"She ate a snow cone and stuck your dick in her mouth? That's cold, bro!
by Cybrryno April 19, 2017
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Stands for "Crybaby James"

Nickname for LeBron James, on account of he's always crying like a little girl whenever the refs make him sad.
"CBJ just elbowed that dude in the defender in the face."

CBJ cries, acts confused, and gets his way like always.

Ref calls foul on guy who got elbowed in the face.

(I guess he shouldn't have headbutted CBJ's elbow...)
by Nubian_Brince July 7, 2018
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