A "hilly" is the term used to define a creature who asks for nudes of females unless assumed to be gay. In order to be a hilly you must constantly ask people for nudes and if the goods are not received forward onto the next step witch is to get pissed off at the person until either ultimately receiving them or until the user blocks all forms of contact from you.
Tom: Dont talk to him he is a hilly

Kyra: Thanks for that he seemed like a nice guy, guess i will block him now
by tOHTBATROL August 2, 2017
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Smoking weed while driving on hills or back roads with little to no traffic on them. Although most common at night, daytime Hilly's can be pulled off with some discretion.
I called in sick to work today because me and some people are goin on a hilly later on.
by Gilberto Sanchez July 27, 2011
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To become verbose and overly persistent whilst intoxicated. To demand incessantly, particularly when pertaining to matters of sex drugs and rock and roll. Usually directed towards Pickers via text or mobile.
I was out with the lads last night and would you believe but Tina calls me up and goes into a right HILLY! She just wouldn't give it up!
by mark pickering December 9, 2004
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Being Hilly : a soft cock who stops drinking and goes to bed early.
Stop being a Hilly ! It's just 9:00PM.
by J9zz May 18, 2013
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A Hilly is a off-coloured clump of hair found on the head.(commonly a white spot, looking like bird s***)
This may be because of birthmarks on the head.
Man 1: Holy crap! That guy has a kick ass hilly!

Man 2: OMGZOR!@!@!@!@!
by Bryzy April 24, 2007
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to be awesome and the bestest ever :)
wow! that girls hillis
by danny brown LOLL November 23, 2007
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