When a person of lower status must perform sexual favors for a superior in order to advance their career.
I bent her over the casting couch and pounded out a role on CSI: New York
by Inferior Olive June 09, 2007
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When a person of high status, normally a casting director, hires someone who they think is fit for sex, forgetting that the job requires different professional talent.

It could merely lead to a second date situation where the successful candidate has a chance to decide whether or not she fancies the casting director.
- She's hot but she can't act to save her life. Must be the casting couch.
- But wasn't the casting director a lady?
- Works both ways I suppose :D
by Arthur "Hugo" Laurents September 02, 2011
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Noun; a drink consisting of Whipped Cream a shot of espresso and a pump of vanilla syrup.
Hey, we have a special drink today, would you like to try the Casting Couch?
by Lubbadubalub December 14, 2016
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There's a sofa, a desk and a guy called Rick. Talented young women go to the couch for job interviews.
Kim had a job interview with a guy called Rick today. He said that she could earn a thousand to five thousand dollars a day and all she had to do was act on command and follow directions. She said the interview took place on a Backroom Casting Couch.
by Lynx for her February 05, 2012
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