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A line or group of men, usually in surplus to the ratio of women. This is particularly prevalent at bars and clubs. The fact that most men insist on patronizing these establishments to "get some pussy" is a mystery.

Rob: "Lets go to that new bar on Main."
Ed: "I heard that place is a fucking sausage line-up."
Rob: "No man, you know we'll get laid."

"After having been for many years in a committed relationship, Jay went to a club known for its wide abundance of women. Jay found out with much dismay that this place was nothing more than a wall-to-wall sausage line-up. Jay then did what any other male would do in such circumstances; he went home and watched pornography on his computer."
by R.U. Sirius August 1, 2008
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An erotic desire to return in thought, or in fact, to a previous sexual/romantic experience. This takes place many times during masturbation or just simply during day dreaming. Rapists practice this form of reminiscence about their former lovers/victims. This is best succeeded when a rapist uses rapies, a sort of memento, to remind him of the encounter. Romantic nostalgia is also practiced by priests when trying to remember a certain sexual molestation victim that they liked but is no longer around to love/sodomize because they told their parents about the molestation.

"If it wasn't for romantic nostalgia, I couldn't have sex with my ugly, fat girlfriend."

"The devout priest kneeled before the cross and thanked God for romantic nostalgia and for supplying him with many children to sodomize."
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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Sexual intercourse with a woman while she is menstruating. The stench and copious amount of blood released and accompanied with a woman's period is of little or no consequence to a man who is still willing to have sex with her. The man is usually very horny and/or drunk.

"Even though Sonia was on her period, I wanted to fuck her really bad. I knew that I would be parting the Red Sea if I fucked her liked that. But I'm an interesting guy and when I want something, I get it. So I did it"

"My neighbor is so fucking hot. I'd fuck her even if I had to part her Red Sea."
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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Spanish. Translation: dick land.

A homoerotic, ravenous, cock-hungry establishment. A sausage farm, a gay club where faggots blow eachother in the stalls of the bathroom. A place where many peter puffers gather to feast on pito.
Fag #1: Hey did you go over to that new pitolandia by your house last night?

Fag #2: Mhhhhmmm, you know it perra! I have never gotten so much chorizo at a pitolandia like this one!
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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While at the movies, you take a tub of popcorn and make a hole at the bottom. Then you stick your dick through it and while watching the movie, your date sticks her hand in it as if to grab popcorn. This will look that way to the movie-goers around you. In reality, she jerks you off inside the tub until you cum all over the popcorn and then she eats it. Hence: butter the popcorn.

Sean: "I'm taking Melissa to the movies tonight. You know how easy she is, so I know we are going to butter the popcorn. I'll text you tomorrow and tell you all about it in complete detail. I'll even save you some of the popcorn."

Matt: "Dude, isn't that kind of gay?"

Sean: "Hey, I won't tell if you don't."

by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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To cut the ends/tips of your pockets in your pants in order to have access to your cock. This affords you some access to your cock while in public, should you wish to masturbate. One needs only to put his hand(s) in his pocket(s) and reach in through the holes and jerk off or simply fondle oneself. This method is especially useful when one sees a sexy woman in public and does not wish to take a mental picture, right then and there, to masturbate to later. Instead, one can jerk off in this manner, right then and there, while looking at the woman in public.
Man, I saw that lady with the big tits at the store that you told me about. I was glad that I had access to the monster. My legs were all sticky after.
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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Spanish. Translation: helmet.

Slang term for head, blow job, cock sucking, oral sex. The term makes its reference to a helmet because obviously a helmet is worn on a head. Hence: casco (helmet). When men use the term, they usually make the motion with their hand of pushing up and down near their crotch, as the motion of the woman bobbing her head up and down during oral sex.
"Esa vieja me dio casco por horas guey! Y se tomo mi leche tambien."
(That bitch gave me head for hours dude! And she drank my milk, too.)

"Tu mama da casco bien rico. Y sin morder el pito, bien suavecito."
(Your mom gives really good head. And without biting the dick, real softly.)
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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