Something that is also called clem. Loves cucumber and carrots. When you have all of these things you are called a carrot stick.
Who are you?
A carrot sticks
by Cucumber and carrots September 10, 2019
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dumb high school (generally freshman) hoes with a severe case of anorexia and a fake orange rub-on tan. they are typically of the valley girl sort and are often extremely dumb and easy. practically breastless, too young, and generally unappealing, they partake in this ritual of (reputational) self mutilation every spring, before summer comes, and before homecoming and prom, so that their parents can be sure to remind them with photo evidence what carrot sticks their daughters used to be. the plainest sign of desperation for social acceptance, carrot sticks are iconic sources of laughter and hallway disruption as they struggle to contend with the fact that existence hates them.
the dude: why, my good friend jeremiah, look over to yonder girl passing the commons, doth she not looketh as if she were a carrot stick?

jeremiah: awh dayum nigga dat bitch done got that pumpkin face an carrot body and everythang, sheeet.
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A way to describe enticement or promised rewards without satisfaction as a way to get to some useful point or solution.

Derived from the use of a carrot on string supported by a stick tied to the neck which is hanging a few inches in front of horse, donkey or mule. This is a way to entice the animal forward. The animal never actually gets to eat the carrot.

Implies that the animal, person or country is not too smart and ruled by base instincts or political expediency.

Often used incorrectly to describe enticement (the carrot) from the front and threats from the rear (the stick, for beating). Usually in a political context
Correct usage but less commonly seen in the media.

The USA is using the carrot and stick approach to nuclear disarmament with North Korea, promising food, fuel and trade in exchange for closing down the nuclear weapons plants. The North Koreans have complied but the USA has not delivered the promised goods.

Incorrect usage but quite common in the media.

Obama is using the carrot and the stick approach with Israel, promising them new F-14 aircraft if they sit down at the table with the Palestinians and discuss a two state solution to the conflict and threatening them with a cut off of military aid if they do not negotiate in good faith.
by icemaniceman2222 June 2, 2009
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Carrot Stick is like a dick and you will feel it when it comes in and you play with with it every day in the morning and night.
by Fiona Homes May 7, 2022
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When the male inserts a carrot into the girls' Anus. Thus we have achieved a dirty carrot stick.
Wow john i see you have done a dirty carrot stick
by jhdjdjdjdj April 26, 2022
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A carrot on a stick is an idiom meaning an award or gift given for encouraging oneself to do something.
I treat myself a bar of chocolate as a carrot on a stick as i go to gym everyday.
by Vanessavampire12 October 26, 2017
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