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The double dutch rudder is the process or action of two men standing facing each other, each with his right hand around his own penis, then they place their left hand on the elbow of their friends right elbow, then they simultaneously move the friends right elbow back/forth with their left hand causing the friend to masturbate.

It's universally accepted as not homosexual because you are only touching your friends elbow, but may be the most intimate non-gay act among two men as they are assisting in the ever beautiful act of masturbation.

...or you're just jerking off your friend.
example: i just gave it to you above... its helping each other jack, thats what a Double Dutch Rudder is. geez.
by JackCityByatch February 26, 2009
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The least gay way for two men to masturbate together. Each participant grabs his own penis with his right hand and grabs the other participant's right elbow with left hand. Both participants work the others right elbow to jack each other off. It is considered not gay because they are only touching their own penises. This is the reason it is commonly practiced in Columbus, OH to celebrate Buckeye wins. Pryor & Tressel do it. Krenzel and AJ Hawk did it. Herbstreit and Cooper started it (unofficially).
"We like to chant O-H-I-O when doing the Double Dutch Rudder on High St."
by jazzJizz November 30, 2009
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Same as the Dutch Rudder except two males are needed to perform the Dutch Rudder (pulling up and down on the partners forearm while he grips his schlong), simultaneously.
Dude 1: I am bored as hell right now
Dude 3: Well, we could always do the Double Dutch Rudder
Dude 1: Sounds like a plan!
Dude 2: You know how I know you guys are gay? Your about to do the Double Dutch Rudder.
Dude 3: That's Gay?
by Andrew Straum December 09, 2008
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Similar to the dutch rudder, but involving two men holding each others arms while holding their own penis.
It's not gay if you do the double dutch rudder, you never actually touch the other guys penis!
by 733t November 13, 2008
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Like a dutch rudder, but in addition to holding your own penis with the perfect grip while another person moves your arm up and down for a relaxing effort free handjob exactly how you like it. A double dutch rudder is when you do the above but also shave one of your legs and have a 3rd person move your shaved leg over your hairy leg gently to give the sensation of a women's leg while you rub one out.
Nick: hay Tushka, what are you up to tonight? I've got Ray coming over to give me a dutch rudder.
Tushka: Dude, let me shave one of your legs with my razor and I'll join in to give you a double dutch rudder. Ray can grab your arm and I'll move your shaved leg.
by legofsalmon October 30, 2011
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requires two men both holding their cocks. Each man grabs their fellows fore arm and controls the motion of their partner's hand on their penis.
hey some people appreciate a firm hand shake, but nothing sreams character like a good double dutch rudder!
by Big B November 04, 2008
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When two men grab their own penises with one hand, while grabbing the other mans forearm, moving it in an up and down motion, to act as a form of masturbation with out genital contact. Also so see dutch rudder.
My two gay buddies tried a Double Dutch Rudder last night. Now there is jizz all over my pillow.
by rodenstuckey March 28, 2009
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