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As seen in "Bruno":

When someone, usually someone who omits carbs from their normal diet routine, binges on fattening foods and must be stopped by a friend.
She was so depressed, she almost committed carbicide!
by RodneyC July 12, 2009
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To end life by eating lot's of carbs till you die.
Bruno is gonna committee carbicide after OJ was token.
by BrunoJ July 15, 2009
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attempting to commit suicide by consuming a massive amount of carbohydrate loaded foods.
After the girl got rejected by her dream boyfriend, she decided that the only choice left was to attempt carbicide.
by ndbabe27 June 16, 2011
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First seen on facebook, by member: Kari Sheridan,

is the act of not eating carbs, or disallowing any carbs from entering your body. Saying "NO" to any/all GOOD food with any carbs in them. FYI Carbs are the little bustards that make your ass fat. (it sure ain't the booze ya know).
Kari, fed up with the way life was treating her body weight decided to commit carbicide.
by facebookfriend July 10, 2009
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