in cleveland, it means to show off or stunt a.k.a flossin
Hey, you see D come out rolls royce wit all dem diamonds around his neck and the two feezies he had wit him?
Yea, He was cappin!!!
by wardisan July 23, 2006
To talk about somebody really bad or to bag on somebody and make them feel bad.
First person: Yo momma so fat she fell in love and broke it.
Second person: Oh so you cappin.
by Cyril K. Lewis June 22, 2006
"cappin" or "capping"
means to make fun of someone
man i saw dis girl wit dis ugly shirt i was cappin on her like, wat are u wearin trick.
by lweezybaybay December 7, 2009
Within the context of cussing out someone, out-talking/smarting them; all in the sense to make them look stupid or wrong. Literally "restrains" them from having anything else to say.


(1) Cappin like a bottle cap, shuttin you up.
(2) Breakin yo legs, handi"cappin" yo ass, you is now defenseless, can't do any other shit.
Person 1: The fuck am i writin for a large audience for? Like where the fuck would I have tried to name my friends in defining this definition and shit?
Person 2: Dude, why are you tryin to cap on Urban Dictionary? Stop cappin on em.
by DEEEL April 17, 2015
or that little guy that sang with tenniel
by Audiable July 13, 2003
an adjective to describe your moms relationship with your brothers dog's previous owners aunt youngest son
by Human intellegence May 31, 2019
Making money off other people by charging more money than it actually cost.
Man im cappin off this nigga he payin a dub for these pills, I got em for ten.
by Angel Geezy February 8, 2005