To "cap" is to perform the feat of lying
Chad: this Beyblade is worth more than your mom's 24 carat but plug!

Mayson Ray Parker: cap
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by Itanimulli April 24, 2020
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Person 1: "I didn't take your Oreos"
Person 2: "Don't cap I know you did"
Person 1: "I didn't, no cap"
by DripDipCap February 27, 2020
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frontin', saying stuff that isnt true
Ryan said he got a job at ADT but he was cappin
by Lilshy June 12, 2020
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abbreviated for COOL ASS PERSONS
Don't come around here trying to disrespect my C.A.P.
by MOECYRUS October 30, 2017
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When one caps, one truth is not told, the lie is yet to stay in the room. Individuals who have a representation of capping can otherwise be identified as capper or capping ass
Dude: Bro Tracy gave me some good top
Sum Other Dude: THATS CAP, tracy ain't give you shit
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by OfficialMudi June 19, 2020
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someone who has nothing more than the head of a penis, a loser
jimbo: you hit that last night?
johnny: nah, i couldn't seal the deal
jimbo: cap
by driller 50 August 19, 2008
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"I be watching alot of CAP"
"Damn that's CAP"
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by shrexyy November 09, 2020
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