a prostitute type person who hangs out in toilets.
also known as a canz
oooh, she was doin a candice!
by Hunniminx April 14, 2006
Person 1: Did you see Candice the other day?
Person 2: Who’s Candice?
Person 1: Candice dick fit in your mouth?
Person 2: *commits not feeling so good*
by brunaldo July 29, 2018
if you are in a conversation and happen to say this word without knowing this joke you are going to make a fool of yourself
by dhar woman March 2, 2022
Candice is a perfect amazing!!! Gorgeous girl!!!! She has the best sense of humor she is absolutely hilarious! If you ever have the pleasure of meeting a Candice marry her on the spot! She has long brown hair and deep brown eyes and is hecka sexy! She is Super sweet and kind. She is so fun and the absolute best friend ever!!!! Get you a freaking candice
Cute guy- dude whose that hot thang over there
Cute guys friend- oh bro shes a Candice
by Blessed friend February 18, 2019
Known to give respect and get respect. A free spirit. Her brain is immaculate. Always has a plan B in life. Knows where to go or can find a way. confident full of love and a loyal friend. The girl next door. The girl thats one of the guys. Underestimated. Humble. A child of beauty. Gets away with almost anything. Great sense of humor and has ramp suit skin, hard to offend and slow to anger. Adventurous. She'll do it. Values her name. A reflection of awesome. full of light.
Damn that was awsome!!! Such a Candice move
by I n I September 10, 2010
Candice would be a play on words,such as you like "cd's". Cd's nuts
Do you know Candice? Candice dick fit in your mouth?
by Fruit Loop of Al November 15, 2018
The most amazing, beautiful, fun, best kissing, and best girlfriend any could ever possibly ask for.
by 24jm24 January 25, 2010