female: canchera, but typically applied to males. Used to describe an individual whose self-confidence borders on arrogance, but stays just short of it.
"He warned me he doesn’t like to feel chased." "LOL, canchero." "Hijo de puta!"
by bomaidy March 24, 2019
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Spanish word meaning know-it-all or showoff.
Someone who thinks they're great.
-mi amigo es muy canchero
(my friend is a big showoff)
by Argentino May 3, 2007
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Insult used by monkeys to try harm a fat guy
Guy 1: Papeeeeeel, ts, ta mojado
Monkey: Shut up you Gordito Canchero
Guy 2: What an insult
by wHO WHO WEHE May 12, 2022
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