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Another sex name way of calling a guy that is helping getting rid off their female partner or girl friend's virginity for her first time.
A guy who helps his female partner or girl friend pops her cherry by him being her can opener.
by WT87 July 14, 2011
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a sweet "jump" usually done off a diving board, in which one knee is pulled tightly into the chest and the other leg is extended downward. the extended leg enters the water first making the way for the rest of the body. when done correctly an amazing splash should follow. best when done off the high dive. sometimes done with hopes of splashing the lifeguards on chair.
1. that was a fucking mean can opener
2. lifeguard 1: yo, that retarded girl keeps doing can openers off the high dive and im pretty sure shes gonna hit her head.
lifeguard 2: yeah but her splash is amazing.
by k'mutodragon January 17, 2006
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A slang term for a Speculum, the tool commonly used to open one's ass hole for object removal, or in rare cases, surgery.
Today students, we will be preforming a simple operation of foreign object removal from the anus. The object we will be removing today is a butt plug. To start we put the patient in the fetal position and insert the can opener. We simply crank the can opener in a clockwise rotation to widen the anus until it is wide enough that the butt plug can simply be removed with tongs. Should the butt plug not easily come out, use some pliers or something. Just whatever you do, DO NOT stick your hand or fingers in there. God knows what else has been in there.
by Bodacious Brian December 16, 2013
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1. can opener - (v) a device, either electric-powered or operated by hand, used for opening cans, especially cans of food.

2. Can Opener - (v/adj) a derogatory term for an attractive person that makes you want to "pop your top".
Jimmy, stop banging your head on that can of peas. If you want to open it, use a can opener.

Pretty Girl in Heels and a Skirt: "Thanks! Have a nice night!!" -smiles and walks off-
Perverted 40 year old BoyScout Leader: "Your welcome." -smiles then turns to his fellow boyscouts- "WOW. That was a real Can Opener"
by DimSumKitti April 24, 2010
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A sharp edged weapon, usually used to cut open mexicans dominicans puerto ricans or african americans.
He was being a dick so I had to use my can opener on him.
by Do I need a Name March 26, 2008
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When two males perform double anal penetration on a female's (or male's if that's the way you swing) anal cavity and both precede to move away from each other while still inserted, thus forcing the anal cavity to spread, or rip depending on your level of arousal. This can cause feces and blood to spill out onto the "can-opener's" junk. Precede with caution.
Jared and Jay did the can-opener on Brittany the other night in the high school parking lot.
by Kyle Kuff March 10, 2007
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