A university where the top students go to drink, party and lose their virginity,
Cambridge University: What grades did you get?
Student: AAAA
Cambridge University: Ok are you still a virgin?
Student: Yes
Cambridge University: Ok then you're in. dont worry you'll pop your cherry with a nice organ scholar soon enough!
by deano2007 April 25, 2007
An old and prestigious university in the UK. Widely considered to be one of the two best British universities, along with Oxford. In most rankings of universities, Cambridge comes either first or second in the UK, and in the top 10 worldwide (along with the likes of Harvard, Yale and MIT). However, the traditional view of a clear hierarchy of British universities is increasingly being considered outmoded, with many other institutions (such as UCL, LSE, Durham and Imperial College London) being considered to rival Oxford and Cambridge in many respects.
Stereotypes surrounding Cambridge students include that they’re all from wealthy backgrounds, that they’re all nerds, that they’re all snobs and that they’re all from the South of England.
Notable alumni of Cambridge University include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Vladimir Nabokov, Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Nick Griffin and Nick Clegg
by cheeky_cunt February 1, 2011
The joint top University in Great Bitain. It is full of some of the brightest students in the country. Its joint top with Oxford. Oxford and Cambridge are often called Oxbridge.
Cambridge: How did you do in your exams?
Student: Yes, I got straight A's
Cambridge:Well the come to Cambridge University
by British brunette June 7, 2006
Home of the masses of wonderful fairies, cross dressers, and rude cliptomaniacal wheelchair users steven hawking. Oh and dave, who rules
my god, i wish i was at "cambridge university" its SO cool!
by Cambridge University April 19, 2005
The collective noun for "ponces".
There's a veritable Cambridge University of pompous gits over there.
by :O) May 8, 2003
The best uni EVER which does not tolerate nothern scum
ryan: ayeup man, im gonna apply for Cambridge University

chris:HA good one
by danny8880 July 10, 2006
A large collection of the less well endowed bastards on this earth (Both in a physical and mental sense)
by Dr. G. Nius, Oxon. November 9, 2006