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A light-hearted term of chastisement, usually only used among close friends, to refer to someone who is perceived to have been rude or to have taken a liberty. Use of the term usually doesn't indicate real anger, and isn't intended to cause great offence.
1. John takes a sip of Fred's beverage.
"Oi you cheeky cunt, buy your own drink!" says Fred.

2. "Hey Fred, could I get seconds on that spliff?" asks John.
"Don't be a cheeky cunt, wait until it gets passed to you!" replies Fred.

3. "Fucking hell John, I never thought YOU would be able to get with such a fit girl!" exclaims Fred, in disbelief.
"Cheeky cunt!" replies John.
by cheeky_cunt January 28, 2011

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An offensive term for a person who recreationally uses drugs other than alcohol. Generally only used by people who think that recreational use of drugs other than alcohol is immoral.
Prohibitionist: Fuckin' no good druggies should all be shot!
Stoner: Chill out man, most the drug users I know are cool people, who work hard during the week and like to do drugs at the weekend.
by cheeky_cunt January 28, 2011

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An offshoot of dubstep music, in which the focus is on being as loud, heavy, distorted and bassy as possible.
Notable filthstep artists include DatsiK and Flux Pavilion.
by cheeky_cunt March 07, 2011

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An old and prestigious university in the UK. Widely considered to be one of the two best British universities, along with Oxford. In most rankings of universities, Cambridge comes either first or second in the UK, and in the top 10 worldwide (along with the likes of Harvard, Yale and MIT). However, the traditional view of a clear hierarchy of British universities is increasingly being considered outmoded, with many other institutions (such as UCL, LSE, Durham and Imperial College London) being considered to rival Oxford and Cambridge in many respects.
Stereotypes surrounding Cambridge students include that they’re all from wealthy backgrounds, that they’re all nerds, that they’re all snobs and that they’re all from the South of England.
Notable alumni of Cambridge University include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Vladimir Nabokov, Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Nick Griffin and Nick Clegg
by cheeky_cunt February 01, 2011

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A term used to refer to music that's perceived as taking dubstep back to its roots in UK garage (particularly 2-step) while also mixing in elements from other genres, such as IDM, hip-hop and trip-hop. See also: post-dubstep and wonky.
Notable artists who could be described as future garage include Burial, Joy Orbison, FaltyDL and James Blake.
by cheeky_cunt March 07, 2011

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A word used to describe music that takes the basic idea/sound of dubstep and takes it in a new direction, often making it more experimental and mixing it with elements of IDM, hip-hop and trip-hop. See also: future garage and wonky.
Notable artists that could be described as post-dubstep include Burial, Scuba, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Phaeleh and Shlohmo.
by cheeky_cunt March 07, 2011

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1. In American English, "tramp" is a derogatory term for a promiscuous woman, see also slut, whore, hoe, hussy and skank. An equivalent used in the UK and Australia is slag. An equivalent used in the UK and the Caribbean is sket.

2. In British English, "tramp" is a widely-used term for a homeless person.
1. "I can't believe you gave my brother head you dirty fucking tramp!"
2. "Man I feel so good about myself right now, I just gave a tramp a fiver!"
by cheeky_cunt February 15, 2011

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