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A university where the top students go to drink, party and lose their virginity,
Cambridge University: What grades did you get?
Student: AAAA
Cambridge University: Ok are you still a virgin?
Student: Yes
Cambridge University: Ok then you're in. dont worry you'll pop your cherry with a nice organ scholar soon enough!
by deano2007 April 24, 2007

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Knee high brown or black leather sexy boots with a stiletto hill which are worn by young horny females along with a short skirt (usually denim) to send out the signal to men that they are up for some wild no strings sex or at least looking to suck some cock.
Hayley: Hey katy what should i wear tonight? Im so horny im on a mission to get fucked and to suck some dick tonight!

Emma: Well in that case you should put on your denim mini skirt and fuck-me-boots.

Hayley: Yeh good idea! When im in my fuck me boots the boys go wild. I can see them drewling when i walk into the club. I especially like to tease them and grind my ass up against their cock trying to give them a boner.

Dave: WOW hayley, you're my dream girl

Hayley: Aw Thanks, im way out of your league but you can fuck me anyway, i never say no to dick.

Dave: wow thanks, but can you do it in nothing but your fuck me boots?

Hayley: Sure, lets fuck!


2 minutes later...

Hayley: Dont you think my fuck-me-boots look better covered in cum?

Dave: Yeh, so does your face.

Hayley: Thanks, y dont you wank again and this time cum all over my face

Dave: OK sure

ugh ugh ugh ugh

Hayley wipes the cum off her face and eats it and then heads out for a night on the town in her fuck-me-boots.
by deano2007 April 24, 2007

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