All of the losery people from all other 49 states who all migrate to Cali to become trendy fagz and get on the Cali bandwagon.

a bunch of trendy ass little punks

fashion nazis

Californians are fucking up the earth.
by the earth April 15, 2005
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Used in slang parlance as a style of food preparation. A food item prepared 'californian' means baked. Typically, baked with cheese.
Can I get my ravioli californian?

Dude, I had the best californian burrito last night -- 4 types of cheese including asiago!
by v3louria October 28, 2010
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stupid hicks turning the whole world into a bunch of carnies and side-show freaks
heavy metal music and california faggy-ness has turned everyone into a bunch of filthy disgusting inbred hillbillies
by u stupid fashionistas May 16, 2004
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Someone who went to Summer camp: mountian climbing, horse back riding. a dork
I meet this hot girl today.. then she told me she was a californian.. i was like never mind
by ink_dup November 01, 2007
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