To chew your food and spit it out without swallowing for the purpose of not gaining weight. Chew and Spit.
"I really want to eat that peanut butter, I'll just c&s it."
by Kate Mcc March 28, 2008
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c/s = chew/spit aka CNS. An eating disorder similar to bulimia, except the food is never swallowed. It's chewed and spit out as a means to taste the food but have no caloric intake.
I really wanted to eat that pizza, but I'm on a diet, so I just c/s it.
by cwiffa burbis January 24, 2015
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Abbreviaton for con safos. Usually found at the bottom of graffiti in Chicano neighborhoods to communicate that everyone should respect the graffiti and not mess with it. (See definition of con safos.)
by La Cindy August 04, 2007
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An abbreviation for "con safos". Traditionally it is written at the bottom of Chicano graffiti as a way of saying, regardless how you may deface this graffiti, you can never remove truth of it.
c/s is not usually used in a sentence.
by cybercoatl June 12, 2020
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Chicken and Sex. Used to describe any female who is particularly attractive, or an act of sexuality involving a hot female subject.
Wow that chick back there is so C&S it hurts!
by P.Rockwell July 03, 2006
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a free catalog in which EVERYONE had to have in sixth grade in order to be cool.You would look at this catalog. wishing you had all this expensive crap.and then realised you coulden't skate.
"those shoes look pretty pimp,but i just realised..I can't even Ollie"
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004
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