a try hard bogan
meaning an person from a different country
acting all aussie and bogan that are in fact a buzza
check out the person down the street acting all aussie
he sure is a buzza mate.
by jake davis from parkdale July 25, 2009
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One hell of a sexy Croatian dude whom everybody wants to buttsekks. Yes, don't worry, even guys too!
One definition to sum a buzza up, STYLISH!
1. When a buzza walks down the street, people go like 'omfg and slaps her/his partner for not being as omfg as buzza'.

2. If your partner in bed goes like 'Damn, you are the best shit out there you HOT SEXY MUTHAFUNK YOU!'. Then you are a buzza.

3. And yeah, there are sickos who even go further than just touching a buzza. Those are the ones you see saying 'I'll suck your dick man!'.

4. There can only be one true buzza and he lives atm on a big Iceberg getting his 12" sucked like a Ć¼bahoovah. It's true, his precious 12" vinyl (DJ TiĆ«sto - Traffic) is getting the every day clean up because that casa buzza stays at is dirrty as hell from all of buzza's zex0rin'.
by Daniel May 30, 2004
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