Someone who kills the party with their nonsense
" Who invited Buzz Killington over here ? "
" Is that Raheel or Buzz Killington? "
by Red Barclay October 15, 2007
Phrase used to describe disdain or vexation at a certain event or happening that has taken place. Usually used to say something just completely killed the mood or had a negative effect on what otherwise would have been a positive thing. In effect a mood killer or nuisance.
this girl is an absolute babe but she's way too funny for me, it's a pure buzz killington
by tinytown January 24, 2011
It's 'ol Buzz Killington, the old guy with a top hat that appears when you are having a crazy party. Basically he stops the drinking/smoking and proceeds to describe sketches of english people on bikes.
Peter: ''Man, that buzz kill was almost as bad as when Buzz Killington showed up at that party.'' (Cut away)
by k-fred September 3, 2007
That person. The one who absolutely destroys a good moment by taking a joke too far or bringing up a sore topic. This can be due to the person's character, thick, but well meaning trying to hard to fit in, or it can just be attributed to one being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jeff: Haha, hey man, that was a funny joke!
James: Yeah, totally!
Jim: I like the part where you say " and THEN!".......... It was great. Just great.
(long, awkward pause)
Jeff: Buzz Killington?
James: Buzz Killington
by Ned the Knight August 3, 2010
To attempt to, or the act of killing someone's buzz.
Gosh! Chris is being a Buzz Killington!
by Lis Ras July 7, 2010
A person who is so quick to bring down the mood their very appearance sucks the buzz out of the air leaving those behind choking for some fun.
“ohhh my party is about to suffer a slow death”


Buzz Killington just arrived, he’s gonna make his rounds targeting areas with the most buzz. And no amount of alcohol can fix him or me.”
by leasabo June 30, 2011