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The act of quickly sliding a hand between a persons butt cheeks and then briefly wiggling the hand in a fish-like manner.
My friend was bending over so I gave her a buttfish.
As I walked by the guy in the bar I buttfished him.
Hey jerk, quit buttfishing me!
by The Clat November 22, 2010
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(verb): sperm that live in the anal cavity after being deposited by the donor along with seminal fluids through anal sex. They remain in the rectum swimming around, occasionally swimming out of the anus and often being pushed out by feces. They can live inside the host/hostess's body for three to five weeks before they die, often of malnourishment. They are carniverous, eating other sperm, until one "fish" becomes the dominant head. Though harmless, besides the occasional constipation, butt fish can become an embarrassment and the subject of constant joking and mockery towards the individual who acted as the host.
Green Lantern: Did you hear that Wonderwoman had butt fish?

Wolverine: Haha, no way, who gave them to her?

Flash: I heard it was Superman, he boned her so hard she won't shit for weeks!
by Martypastmidnight January 12, 2011
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A legendary picture of a man having a fish shoved up his butt and exposing it on a camera to the internet for all to see.

Used by many courageous fleet commanders in EVE Online to demoralise the enemy in local channels, especially when trolling or smack talking needs to be done.
EVE FC in local system chat : "Hey guys look at our epic kill <posts buttfish link disguised as killboard link>"
Everyone else in chat: "Oh god what the fuck is that shit? I am petitioning this, you disgusting piece of shit, why don't you post something normal like alabama hotpockets or something"
by JasuukRahk March 13, 2011
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1. Adjective used to describe a female who smells of both butt and fish.

2. Adjective used to describe a male who smells of both butt and fish
That chick smells like butt fish (Taint)

That dude smells like he just got some from butt fish girl.
by Robert Rene December 30, 2007
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Noun: One who is stupid, foolish, or overly annoying. (Compare to acting like an ass)

Not limited to people. But not applicable to objects.
1) "Descartes was such a buttfish."

2) "Stop poking me, buttfish".
by bair March 18, 2008
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