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a vagina for an undetermined amount of time immediatly after someone has blown a load in it and the cum is sporadically still discharging.

like when you put butter in the center of a hot biscuit, now turn the biscuit sideways and watch the butter slowly drip out
ex. don't go down on the girl in the blue shirt unless you want a buttered boscuit.
ex2. if your girl stays out all night while your waiting at the crib be careful she didn't bring you a buttered biscuit home before you go down on her or have sex with her.
by Lillricky May 15, 2016
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When a guy cums into his hands and smears his jizz on a girl's/guy's ass.
"Yo, did you bang that chick last night?"
"Yeah, man. And when I was finished, I gave her some buttered biscuits."

*High five*
by Jizzem McGinty October 30, 2013
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