After performing anal intercourse, ejaculating over the buttocks.
"I was riding her rump last night, and as soon as I came, I buttered her biscuits good"!
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
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term use in online video games after killing one or several people.
they just got thier biscuits buttered! i just butter your biscuits! holy shit doug fuckin buttered my biscuit!
by Doug-eee February 14, 2006
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basically synonymous with most other phrases fitting the pattern of "whatever __ your __," such as whatever floats your boat
can I substitute cheese grits for hash browns?

sure, whatever butters your biscuit.
by word_g33k July 11, 2007
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When your significant other asks you to put butter on their toast or biscuits and you refuse.
Wife - "Honey, I'm to fat to reach the knife drawer. Can you spread butter on my toast?."

Husband - "Butter your own damn biscuits. You fat whore!"
by crowbert October 21, 2009
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