a woman that has pretty hands, feet, legs, BUT HER FACE is straight jacked up. hence the word, buttaface
yo, tha chic is a buttaface yo. she got beyonce's body, but 50 cents face!!dang, she need jesus
by da diva December 28, 2004
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a honey with a slammin body, with a busted up dome. its a noun fellas.
Homie 1 - Yo dog, I saw you running all up in that buttaface out the club the other.

Homie 2 - Shizzy. But you check out dat azz cousin with the matchin twins?
by buzz August 12, 2003
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1- Great Body, Ugly Face
2- A chick with a hot body and not so hot face
3- Donna Versace
Everything was hot but-her-face/buttaface
by CW Thugly April 19, 2003
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Everything BUT HER face ie: butterface

When a girl has a nice body but is ugly as hell in the place that counts the most...the face!!
That girls body is hot but damn she's a buttaface!
by No one December 23, 2003
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Someone (usually a woman) who has a great body and an unattractive face. Everything looks good on her but her face.
(woman approaching from a distance) Damn! Check that shit out. Don't go there, man. She got that buttaface.
by Spooty December 2, 2005
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Female with an extremely nice body but is also extremely ugly.
Damn, shorty is a buttaface for real. She has everything but a face.
by DND December 30, 2005
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Damn! everything look good on her buttaface.
by Richard T. March 20, 2003
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