when a person's butt is so large (phat), or is shaking so much (while walking, dancing, etc.) that it looks like their butt is talking
"Damn, that shawty can dance, look at her butt talk!"

"I love how that girl with the dunky booty can make her butt talk."
by Nigerian HOTness May 7, 2006
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The usually awkward conversation that ensues after butt-dialing.
Lindsay: Hello?
Miley: Hey, you just butt-dialed me!
Lindsay: Oh, sorry. So.....what's up?
Miley: Oh, nothing. Umm....what's up with you?
Lindasy: Nothing.....are we just butt-talking now?
by Deepthoughts May 23, 2010
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The act of beginning a conversational tangent on a topic you are familiar and knowledgable of, but then drifting off into areas of knowledge that the speaker "doesn't know is true for sure but preety sure it is".

When this happens, someone listening to said tangent may make the statement "now you're just butt-talkin." This act is usually followed by a small piece of Humble Pie served to the speaker and a belly laugh by everyone involved. Followed by another bong hit.
"Ya know, the human brain gets rid of weak and sick brain cells all the time"

"Really? Wow I didnt' know that."

"Yeah, and it's also known that alcohol preys on the weaker and sicker cells in your brain"

"Hrmm, interesting..."

"So, it's only common sense that when I start drinking I always feel smarter!"

"Well, now you're just butt-talkin!"
by Joonyer September 2, 2004
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Loudly expelling putrid smelling gas from the depths of one’s bowels in the company of others.
Doug: Hey man, you ready to go play some cards?

Alexander: Sure just don't sit by me though.

Doug: Why?

Alexander: (FFFRRRVVVVRRRTTTTTT) cause my Butts Talking loud and proud tonight.

Doug: Jesus, what did you eat?

Alexander: bean burrito, side of beans, brussel sprouts and broccoli.
by Joey BeefBuicker August 31, 2011
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The action of separating and closing ones butt cheeks while talking. Giving the allusion that the butt is speaking.
Dude! Last night I made Barbara's butt talk!
by TheMagicTy November 25, 2015
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