a rectal suppository that is shaped like a bullet.

Medicine in the form of a rectal suppository because the oral form may be rejected due to nausea.

Usually taken to treat nausea or vomiting.
It is always good to have some butt bullets on hand when the flu hits for treating nausea and vomiting.
by King Du$tman March 02, 2011
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A "Butt Bullet" , that would be a penis or a dildo/vibrator that goes in the butthole.
That horny bottom boy on Craigslist is begging for a Butt Bullet to make the bad go away for the evening
by LaNerd April 19, 2011
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butt bullets is when brother nicholas cage poops in your mouth and you poop out the poo he did
last night my brother butt bulleted me, it was amazing! i love butt bullets!
by bummy holey January 29, 2018
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When you swallow a gun that is loaded and your intestines make it fire when it is perfectly alined with your butt hole
i had a butt bullets last night and it felt so nice
by booty-booty May 03, 2018
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