To bust a jack, aka to smoke a cigarette.
Bust is just another word for "hit" as in "lets hit a jack", again meaning smoke a cigarette.

We busted jacks, past tense
We just standing around busting jacks, prestent progressive
A word from the DC/ Moco area. Most other places people wont know what your talking about.

Guy 1: You wana go bust a jack?
Guy 2: ya lets go.

Pothead 1: Lets blaze
Pothead 2: Arnt your parents home right now?
Pothead 3: As long as everyone is busting jacks they wont be able to tell, it should cover up the weed smell.
Pothead 4: Strate...

Idiot 1: Yeah I fuckin just pulled out my newports and busted a jack in the middle of class!
Idiot 2: Whaaat?? thats tight man
Idiot 1: Yeah but now I have to go to Whitman cuz I got expelled from BCC for it
by SmokITup October 11, 2005
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Technical term for the chest region (including the front, sides, and back).
"Damn her tits are HUGE! What's her bust measurement? ^.^ "
by Dave April 1, 2004
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What happens to you in the past tense once you've sold one too many caps to an undercover narc.
by Snapdragon August 8, 2003
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Dude, lets bust over to KFC for some chicken.
by Zach January 28, 2005
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to do or perform an action greatly.
From all my friends I could bust the best tricks on the skateboard
by SOL-EKS September 10, 2003
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to remove one's shirt when lifting in the fre weight room
dude, you got chest today? gonna bust?
by Mojo February 15, 2005
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to make a mistake, used as an exclamation
mah bust, mah busticle, thats your bust,mah busty buster
by Dr. Robert Ferguson May 31, 2005
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