Busted is when you try to be a ho, and it don't work out, and basically you fall on your face, and your life get ruined
There was a teacher at our old school, she busted because she always have some stupid story to tell about how she used to be a little slut
by Ninja Clan Lord August 21, 2021
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Jim forgot he was carrying a quarter-ounce with him and got busted by the TSA
by General the dog April 30, 2016
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person 1: bro did you see isabella's phone?
person 2: yeah that shit's busted😭😭
by bruhasf November 17, 2020
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1. broken not working
2. caught
3. what candace is failing to do
1. My phone is busted
2. Ha you got busted
3. At least i try to bust them!
by platypussy_licker May 3, 2019
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"A drag queen who looks "busted" or a "hot mess." The term refers to a queen who cannot properly apply or wear makeup, style their hair, sew properly, or who wears unfashionable or ill-fitting clothing." Cited, (www.rupaulsdragrace.wikia.com).
Hey, don't hate on Brenda. Sure, she's busted, but she can dance!
by Okama58 November 11, 2018
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