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to go on a trip for business reasons

slang: to make a trip to the bathroom
Guy: Dude, I drank so much. I'll be right back. Taking a short business trip.

Guy: Joe got so scared he wet his pants!
Girl: Yeah, guess he tried to take a business trip but his flight got cancelled, if ya know what I mean.
by Vertigo January 11, 2004
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A euphemism for using the bathroom, often employed when one wants his/her friends to think he/she was doing something important. Like an inside joke with yourself.
Person 1# 'dude, where'd you go'
Person2# 'important business trip'
Person 1# 'Hey! where were you?'
Person 2# 'long intense business trip
by awkwardfart June 09, 2011
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A phrase commonly used by men, saying they are leaving for business, when really they are going to cheat on their wife.
Going on a business trip could refer to getting Hookers in Las Vegas
by gffmember August 14, 2010
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It is when you are going to a fuck buddy's house to have sex aka "business"
Girl: So I'm going to take a business trip
Friends: You mean to your fuck buddy's room?
Girl: Whatever!!
by ThatNigga2013 November 25, 2013
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