Someone, usually a girl, who hooks up with and/or sleeps with three or more members of the same friendship group/ group of friends within a short period time and/or after one another.
She's such a pass-around. Id hate to be a pass-around. She really does get passed around.
by My opinion February 19, 2015
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Someone who gets passed around a group of friends like a blunt
Sam: Did you hear Sierra broke up with Elliott and is dating his bestfriend now.
Quan: No I thought she was still dating Logan Elliot’s other friend .
Sam: Lmao no. She’s such a pass around
by Lil baller October 23, 2017
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refer to women that are known to be willing to put out (have sex readily and willingly) who are passed from one man to another, usually his buddy or friend, to have sex with after the former is done, or bored with her. The women end up having serial relationships that can last anywhere from a few hours, or a nite to a few years with a man, before he decides it is time for a new squeeze.

Women who are passed along have desirable qualities like being pretty, attractive, good in bed, and absolutely careful with birth control, and free of any diseases or high risk behavior like being an IV drug user. Women who are at risk of 'accidentally' getting pregnant to 'lock in' their man and otherwise engage in undesirable behavior or are medically unfit are not safe to pass along.

If the woman is a mistress who is knowingly flinging with a married man, a desirable quality is her willingness to be discrete and not be too demanding of the man.

The 'pass' is done by the man who 'discovers' her, and after he is bored of sex with her or just 'done' with her. Just before he breaks up with her, he sets her up with a date or other situation with one of his friends or buddies, who he has previously informed about her willingness to put out and her 'availability'. The new man in the chain then repeats the process.

The chain is continued indefinately, usually until the woman is older, less attractive, and unmarryable by any respectable man. Often at each pass, the woman is given 'rewards' like jewelry, expensive vacations, or other perks. If she is an employee being passed around a company or organization, perks or benefits like a coverted job, tickets to expensive shows, etc. she is otherwise unqualified to obtain may be given to her.

In the case of young single women looking to marry right, the men will often string her along with hints or promises of marriage or a long term relationship or children when they have no intention of doing so.

The game usually ends when the woman is 35, and known by all the male buddies in the chain as a slut and a whore.

The woman is then dumped by the last man in a chain, usually with the help of his buddies, in a way that does not cause her to raise a huge outcry about being exploited.

Women who are passed around can be passed around during a party (the slut), or be passed around in longer relationships from days to weeks, to years. Sometimes, the woman is recognized as a valuable asset to a company or organization as she can be a hostess for key clients, where her bosses know she can be counted on to have sex with them.

She was a preschool teacher that got a job as a secretary at the company. She was then passed around the company, from directors to vice presidents, getting promoted after each fling and ended up as a assistant vice president, a job she is totally unqualified for. Eventually, at 38, she was forced out of the company but paid hush money in a big severance package when she was no longer pretty or young enough to pass around. She ended up with a reputation and never married and never got another job like she had again.
by Abacusr July 24, 2006
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When someone is shared or has fw a group of people that are close
Person 1: that girl jamyla fw with the gang .. keyshawn , mike , jj , and mekhi
Person 2: damn she was passed around
by therealmfnigga May 9, 2016
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a female who has slept with, or has the intentions or will to sleep with every member of a band.
That Pass Around Patty has some good coke, at least.
by thx8675309 March 1, 2011
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A bitch who has sex with three or more friends within the same friend group.
Yo I just broke up with Katie.
No way? She's already fucked Alex and Brandan!
Damn good thing I dropped that pass-around Hoe
by TROOOO April 10, 2014
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a lover who has been passed through all possible family members including not limited to any parental person
poor guy hes been passed around. first the daughters and then the mother ...
by Theamazinggeek March 9, 2015
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