One who repeatedly beats his rod (in a sporaticly random motion, similar to banging a kettle drum) against the vaginal mound. The purpose to either further stimulate the clit/penis or to maintain a solid erection. In some cases "bush whacking" is used to intensify orgasm after "pulling out" instead of the more commonly used hand jerking motion.
"Judy finished cumming just as Harold pulled his rod out, finishing the fuck with a vigorous bout of bush whacking, Harold quickly filled Judys navel with a stout squirt of man juice."
"That ol' Harold is one damn fine Bush Whacker"
by Mike Balsac October 27, 2003
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one that gives it to her, full throttle.
all I can say is....

it's better to be bush-WHACKED....

then to be pussy-WHIPPED! :)
by kingman November 19, 2003
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Killer of bushes. especially George Bush.
Jimmy was imprissoned for attempting to be a bush wacker on the president
by hjhjh November 18, 2003
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guys who somehow come to your party (typically through lame chicks or dudes you know) and proceed to scare off all the eligible poon tang. They are obnoxious and never welcome as the ladies at your party will slowly disappear thanks to these guys.
We had some hot chicks here untill those fucking Bush Whackers came over.
by SwishyManPants April 21, 2009
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During sex, a man takes a break and rubs his penis vigorously against the woman's un-shaved pubic hairs, causing him to have a burn on his dick.
Damn, I was about to cum but i took a break and had a Bush Whacker. Now my dick hurts like HELL!
by nastynaay January 6, 2012
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A clan, or just a person who camps in a bush. The clan bushwhacked is based on people who camp out in a bush. Camping in a bush in real life, or in a game.
by Tactica15hooter June 29, 2018
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